Friday, July 8, 2011


Hello sheeple people. Today was day one. The day where tire hits pavement and plans become the present. Joy (my mother) dropped jen and I off at the victory monument In Yorktown for some starting pictures and a goodbye. It sort of felt like the "kiss and fly lot" at an airport but their was no 737 waiting for us.

Due to the choice of camping 90 mi or 30mi we chose the latter option so we could get in the camping swing of things. We got on our bikes and headed towards historic Williamsburg and we were off. 12 miles in it started to pour. Like a tropical storm of sorts. Large drops and many of them. Luckily there was a visitor center to wait out the storm. I'm sure we won't have this luxury in the future.

The campsite is above average with a great pool and good bathrooms including automatic faucets! WOW ha the site is right on the river which is cool. Starting tomorrow at 7am for a longer ride into Ashland, VA.



  1. Great way to finish your first day. You're living the life of a high roller!

  2. Hmmm, that was me that posted as Unknown. As for the reason, well, that is Unknown also.