Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 12

Tuesday, July 19

We woke up at the church feeling well rested and more blessed than yesterday. We had iced coffee and grilled banana/peanut butter wraps for breakfast- both were such treats because we don't ever make coffee or cook hot breakfast.

It was a very hilly day with one big mountain climb- Big A Mountain. Right before that climb I stopped at the post office to send a few items home and lighten my load. I really could notice a difference with about 2 lbs fewer! We were pretty tired so we stopped for the day just 2 miles short of the Kentucky border in the Breaks interstate park, which spans both Kentucky and Virginia. After we set up our tent and showered, we took a golf cart ride around the park -believe me, we felt extremely lazy but it was awesome!

The park has beautiful overlooks, including "the grand canyon of the south" which unimpressed both of us. It did not really life up to it's name, but it was cool to see anyways. I think we have been jaded by the last week of being constantly surrounded by mountains and gorgeous overlooks. We also have grown to despise the mountains for the pain they have caused our legs and almost every other body part. After dinner we met two cyclists who were headed west from San francisco to NYC. We swapped stories about our trips but they had many more days behind them than we do!

 In the golf cart:

They have been in this town (Honker) for three weeks because of a hole in a fence
45 miles today... They say we are almost out of the mountains, commonly thought to be the most difficult section of the trip. Can't wait!

This was my favorite part of the day: Billy goats on the side of a mountain on the road! I couldn't get enough of these billies

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