Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 7

Woke up feeling much stronger and finished up the parkway section with ease.

I hit 43 mph on my bike which was awesome. Pretty solid bike even at high speed. Our exit was VA state route 56 which was 4 miles of twisting and steep turns down into the town of Vesuvius! My rims were hotter than a stoked fire. But sure felt good to not pedal for 10 min and be almost tripling our average speed. Both of us were very hungry, so we got some awesome egg sandwich at this cool store named Gerti's.

I thought it was cool how everyone who walked in the store was greeted by name. (not us ha) After a nice break we hit the road headed to good ol Lexington. About 15 miles of a nice flat with hills road we made to the visitor center for AC and H2O. Got a good healthy sandwich at the health food store in town and an avocado for later. Speaking of food, pasta sides were not working out for us so now we use dry seasoning sauce packets which is way better. Got to KOA natural bridge (12 mi) and called it a day. We showered and ate and felt like kings. Today was the end of my pay cycle and we came in right on budge. Jen is up to bat now ( still splitting everything so I'm not about to order surf and turf on her week hah)

NEW TENT EQUIPPED WITH double doors holla

Miles for week one w one rest day: 269
Avg per day: 44.8

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