Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 3

Yesterday we rode from a town that we don't know the name of to Ashland- 64 miles. It was relatively flat the whole way and we even had a bike path for about 10 miles. We were slow getting started in the morning because during the night we had very heavy rain, and unfortunately after about 10 mins of rain we discovered that our tent is not waterproof. It was like Chinese water torture all night with drops landing on us from above. There was a puddle at our feet and my sleeping bag had to be wrung out and left in the sun for a while to dry the next morning.

Last night was a dream compared to the previous night! We got to our campsite around 530 and set up our stuff to finish drying while we went swimming. We found a roadside farm stand where we bought peaches, plums, tomatoes, corn, a pepper, zucchini and blackberries (all for under $10!) so we had a great dinner of pasta, veggies and black beans.

We are about to get up and going before it gets too hot out. We are biking 72 miles today and then staying in a motel! I've never been so excited to stay in a motel before. We are ahead of our budget and there are no campsites a reasonable distance from here so motel it is!



  1. You should have tested the tent before you started your trip! Also, I see you are already rationalizing staying in motels instead of camping. That dinner you had last night sure sounds fine. Good luck on the 72 mile ride.

  2. Wet sleeping bags. Now that just stinks! But it sounds like you recovered well. If you keep eating for under $10, you may have enough in your budget for a new tent as well! Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Hi Jen!
    Thanks for the updates! I would rather be buried in water then in class where I am sitting right now. It sounds like you are having so much fun. Keep us posted and stay safe. How are your quads doing so far? Legs of Steel yet??
    Stay safe,
    Auntie Sandy

  4. PS..."than in class..."
    PPS...I thought you DID test out your tent for water leakage??? Too bad...good thing it is hot and everything dries fast.