Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 22

Friday, July 29

Well our half day turned into a rest day. Al's place was too nice to pass up so we slept in, cooked an awesome breakfast, and went nuts with the iced coffee!

Another cyclist, Don, joined us for the night a Al's. He is going east to west as well but gets up waaay to early for us to ride with him. We made pasta, tofu, broccoli and peppers for dinner and passed out early, planning on waking up at 5:15... We'll see

Location:Farmington, MO


  1. The Ice Coffee Tour continues. I'm glad you are satisfying your needs for sleep and ice coffee. Have fun getting up at 5:15am (like that is going to happen)!

  2. I shredded a roll of paper towels today. That was fun. When my man servant saw me he applauded my efforts and voiced his approval by shouting "No, no, no!" He then happily cleaned up the mess I made.

  3. It is nice to see you again. Some great places you are traveling through and staying; lots of pictures you post highlight where you stay and make breakfast and dinner. Just wonderful. You are riding like a true cyclist. Good luck riding in the Ozark's!