Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 14

Thursday, July 21

We left Hindman around 11:30 and the rain had basically stopped. The roads were still a little wet by we had a great ride for the first 15 miles- very flat with small hills so we were making good time. We met a solo biker going the other way. He was 64 and had been on the road since April! He was very ready to get to the east coast.

We had to ride on RT 80 for about 6 miles which was terrible because the big coal tucks were spewing muddy rain gunk from their tires at us. This road also had huge uphills and downhills in which we had to avoid grooved shoulders and debris on the side of the road.

After we got through that we stopped at a walmart to to pick up some supplies, including a dry bag for our sleeping pads because our trash bags finally failed us. We ended the day with the never-ending Buckhorn Mountain and camped at the state park there.

Miles today: 48
Miles for week 2: 361
Total miles so far: 630

We are feeling very strong these days! We are hoping to make it to Berea today which will be the end of section 11 map. Only 10 more to go

Some pictures of today's ride:


  1. You guys did almost 100 miles more this week than your first week. I guess you are getting stronger! Sharing the road with coal trucks doesn't sound like fun, especially with a lot of up and down riding, but at least you had a lot of flat terrain for the beginning of the ride. Pick up some of that coal to use in your next campfire.

  2. I was hot today. My servants should get an air conditioner for me.

  3. Louie you are a prince, don't let anyone forget that.