Thursday, July 7, 2011

1 day to go

We made it to Virginia! Joy, Ben and I are staying at the Yorktown Motor Lodge, which is just a mile from our starting point tomorrow in front of the Yorktown Victory Monument. We're planning a short day of riding tomorrow because the campgrounds are either 30 miles or 90 miles from here. We chose not to be too adventurous on our first day.

We got in town at 8:30 this evening, after close to 7 hours of driving. Ben drove the whole way and we stopped twice. One stop was at REI for Ben to pick up a super absorbent towel and the second was at Five Guys for dinner. Both stops were welcomed breaks from DC traffic!

We are all tired from a long day of sitting so we are going to rest up for the big day tomorrow! Let's hope everything goes well!

- Jen


  1. how many calories were consumed at five guys? is the super absorbent towel so that Ben can pee on the go?

  2. Departure day is finally here! I hope you have a great first day. (How long will the trip take if you always choose the 30 mile option?)