Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 18

Monday, July 25

Miles today: 84

We left Blake's around 7 am, and headed to McDonald's for egg sandwiches. I've been dying for iced coffee and nobody has it anywhere done here, so I was so excited when McDonald's said they have it! But what they call iced coffee is really just a 300 calorie mixture of milk and sugar- I'm not sure there was any coffee even in it. It did taste good but I'm still looking for the real thing.

The day was hot, humid and hilly- the 3 dreaded H's. The best part was around 5pm when we crossed into the Central Time zone (Breckinridge County)!

We didn't pass any grocery stores all day so for dinner we had a box of velveta Mac'n cheese with a chopped up green pepper and tomato to make it "healthier". Country stores don't carry the best supplies for good meals... But we're making due!

We got an extra hour of sleep last night which was awesome. We stayed at a beautiful campground on the Rough River.

Location:McDaniels, KY


  1. Okay, so not every meal you have makes me envious. 84 miles - another big day! Without some good ice coffee you will need that extra hour to wake up. By the way, the river doesn't look so rough.

  2. I had a fish dinner last night.