Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 61

Tuesday, September 6

Mile today: 66
Vale to Unity, OR

Note: I wrote an entry for Tuesday on Tuesday night and thought I posted it, but now it is nowhere to be found. So I will do a quick recap...

Had breakfast at the Starlite Cafe with Beau and Gage, the hitch hikers. Delicious breakfast, and talked to locals about the best route into Eugene. We decided on rt26 to 126, much more mountainous but also more beautiful than the high desert south of us and more towns along the way.

First pass- Brogen Hill Pass at 3900 ft (from 2200 ft in vale). It was long but steady.

Second pass- Elderedo Pass at 4600. I got a flat at the top, my first one in the 1000+ miles since I got my new tires. 

I wasn't too happy about the flat, not sure why the sign isn't really in the picture. I guess it was a stressful time

Just down the mountain a bit, we passed into Baker City, meaning we are in the Pacific Time Zone!

These cows just stared at Ben while I the picture, then mooed and ran away.

We got into Unity around 7:45, but it was getting dark because it was really like 8:45. We didn't feel like cooking so we ate at the Watering Hole Cafe. These small town cafe/bars tend to have awesome food! It really surprises us, but then again maybe anything hot that we don't have to prepare would taste delicious.

We camped at the city park for free, so we had to go without showers. Not so bad for just a day, but always have to hope tomorrow has a shower in store for us.

Today concludes 2 months on the road. And we hit 3000 miles as we pulled into town!

Location:Unity, OR

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  1. Jen, how sad you look in your flat tire picture! Three thousand miles, is very far to go (that's from a great Pretenders song).