Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 58

Saturday, September 3

Miles today: 70
Glenn's Ferry to Boise, ID

We got up this morning and went to a cafe for breakfast. Our waitress warned us that it was all uphill from here to Boise. She was only half right. It was uphill to Mountain Home, about 28 miles away, but after that it was all flat. And we had almost no wind! It was just awesome! We stopped at a Mexican bakery in Mountain Home because the smells coming from it drew us in. They had fresh baked breads and desserts and they were so good! We got a cheddar and jalapeƱo stuffed French bread, and a strawberry and cheese Danish. Yum!!

Once we got into Boise, we hung out at a Starbucks for a while and looked up hostels and campgrounds. The cheapest we could find was in Meridian, about 5 miles down the road so we went there to set up camp for 2 nights.

The campground has an amazing indoor pool and hottub that we went it. Then we found the best supermarket ever across the street. WinCo foods has be lowest prices I've ever seen, and an awesome selection of bulk foods. They have so much candy, chocolate covered items, everything you can imagine. We were fascinated by this place, but we just bought salad stuff for a fresh healthy dinner, and promised to be back tomorrow.

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