Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 56

Thursday, September 1

Miles today: 30 by bike + 90 by bus

The day started off great. A precious little kitten came up to our tent and followed us around all morning while we got ready. It was too cute!

It was way to cold to ride when we got up so we went to breakfast at ButterBurr's and had the early bird specials. On the way out our waitress gave us a piece of oatmeal pie to take with us, since we had never had it (we are going to miss this type of special treatment!). It was delicious and I'm going to have to find a recipe when I get home.

Once we got on the road, we were immediately fighting against the wind. It was so strong and we were going uphill for most of the ride. By the time we got to the next town, American Falls (25 miles away) it was past 1:00 and we were exhausted. The next town was 50 miles away- Heyburn and there was nothing in between. We knew that we wouldn't make it at this pace and we wouldn't even have a place to stop if we got too tired! So, we took a little cheat and hopped on a city bus. We drove 90 miles to Twin Falls and it felt amazing! We both slept for most of the ride and no, we don't feel guilty at all for doing it! It is just torture to ride in wind like that so we felt no need to continue to torture ourselves. This trip is supposed to be fun, and jumping ahead a little bit is a blast!

We got to Twin Falls and found a campground. We were camping next to two guys in their 60s riding their motorcycles along the Oregon Trail. One was from Montana and the other from Texas, they had been friends since 6th grade in Oklahoma. They were both very impressed with how efficiently Ben and I set up the tent and cooked dinner. We have it down to a science now, after 8 weeks!

Location:Twin Falls, ID

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  1. Picturing the two of you conked out on the bus, probably still in your bike clothes, is too funny! I'm sure it was very satisfying to be out of the wind and still making progress in your journey. The change in mode of transportation seems to have lifted your spirits, so it proves the adage that variety is the spice of life.