Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 55

Wednesday, August 31

Miles today: 76
Ririe to Pocatello, ID

It was an extremely windy day in Idaho, and in the wrong direction for us. We struggled for 24 miles into Idaho Falls, where we stopped for a break. We did see a beautiful waterfall on the snake river and the enormous Mormon church right on the river. Idaho has a very high Mormon population. We rode 7 more grueling miles where we stopped at a subway in Shelley for a quick 5 minute break. I fell asleep laying on the sidewalk almost immediately.

Cute, right?

Ben and I were both feeling defeated and couldn't stop thinking about this billboard we saw: "California Dreaming? 2 hour Nonstop flights to San Francisco every day". I must say, we were very tempted. But we got a phone call from Joy (Ben's mom) and she gave us a good pep talk, which was enough to convince us to get back on the bikes. We rode another hard 20 to Blackfoot, where we stopped at a coffee shop. I downed 6 cups of coffee and a handful of chocolate covered espresso beans, and Ben had a red bull slushie. By the time we got back on the road, it was almost 6 now, the wind had died down a bit and we were cruising with our caffeine boost. We rode the last 25 miles to the KOA in Pocatello and got in around 8:15pm. Pocatello is a huge town- over 50,000 people and they have more fast food places than we have seen anywhere! We cooked dinner, did laundry, showered and went right to sleep by 10:30.

We have about 740 miles (give or take a few) until the coast. So close, yet so far away!

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  1. I enjoyed your pictures and text from Yellowstone immensely! The pictures were beautiful, so if, as you wrote, your camera did not do the actual scene justice, then the park must be breathtaking. You guys have made me want to go to Yellowstone now!
    Sorry you had to battle the wind today, but I'm glad the coffee and espresso beans helped you recover. Only 740 miles to go! Wahoo!