Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 57

Friday, September 2

Miles today: 70
Twin Falls to Glenn's Ferry, ID

From Twin Falls, we took US route 30 all day. It was pretty nice because there were a lot of little towns along the way and we didn't have to go far without being able to rest. We descended into a canyon, which blocked the wind for most of the day, which was awesome!

We saw a billboard for a creamery in the town of Buhl with potato flavored ice cream, and we had to try it. We got to Cloverfield Creamery and asked to try it and the owner replied, "if you must, but it's not very good!". She was right- it was pretty nasty but their other flavors were incredible so we both got a cone. This place turned out to be awesome. The creamery is family owned, and they moved out to Idaho in 1994, with their cows, from Lancaster County, PA. The cows are raised very humanely, with no steroids or any of that stuff. The farm is 4 miles from the creamery, where they make milk, chocolate milk, butter and cheese curds. We tried the cheese curds for the first time and they were actually pretty good. The owner took us to the back where they were bottling the milk- it was really cool! We ended up staying for over an hour, just chatting with the owner.

We continued on our way and had a great ride until we had to climb back up the other side of the canyon. It was a long hill and then once we reached the top, the wind was wild. The last 25 miles into Glenns Ferry were extremely slow. It was even downhill for most of it, but we were still struggling. We finally got there and went to a pizza place for dinner. We went to one of the 3 RV parks (in a town of 1,000!) and set up our tent and passed out. It was another long day, but at least the first half was without wind!

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