Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 60

Monday, September 5

Miles today: 66
Boise, ID to Vale, OR

Hellloooo OREGON! It's such a beautiful thing to finally be here!

We got a late start this morning because we went grocery shopping again at WinCo and then had breakfast so we didn't get on the bikes until after 11. Our discipline in the morning is really fading. We had a great flat, no wind ride into Nyssa, Oregon. We crossed the Snake River for the last time and said our farewell to Idaho and the sweet smell of onions. Apparently western Idaho is onion country because they were growing everywhere! Sometimes there were even loose onions on the side of the road. I was extremely disappointed that there was no "Welcome to Oregon" sign. Of all the states we've been to, this is the most important and they don't even welcome us? We took a picture of this sign coming into Nyssa but it is really not the same so we didn't even bother to get in the picture.

We think a Thunderegg is a type of rock. We ate lunch in Nyssa and then rode to Vale. We kept hearing a clicking sound coming from Bens bike but couldn't figure out what it was. Then he found this in his tire

It went right through the tire on the side, and by some stroke of luck didn't puncture the tube. He had to use pliers to pull it out. It wasn't even sharp so I don't understand how that huge thing got in the tire!

We met two cyclists coming east from Portland at the gas station. They had a little dog, Yoshie, in a trailer. They said they hoped to make it through Colorado before it snows but if not, they might just hang out there for a while.

Then at our campground we met two 19 year old guys from Iowa who have been hitch hiking for 2 weeks. They are trying to get to western Oregon to visit one of their dads. They were pretty cool kids and have had a lot of awesome experiences on this trip. One guy picked them up in Iowa and brought them to a convention in Texas for a sports food company. He paid for their hotel rooms and for them to attend the convention! It's a bit odd, but still cool. We hung out with them for a while and then by 9:30 we were all tired- they had walked about 5 miles today with 40 lb packs.

Our flights are booked to come back to RI on Sept 21! Only a little while longer to enjoy this nomadic lifestyle.


  1. Wahoo! The last state! Its seems like you've been riding your bikes forever, and now you'll be done in less than a week. This week will go by fast, and then you'll be saying goodbye to your faithful stove and reliable tent and all the things that made your trip so great. So enjoy this last week!

  2. 15 nmore days until you come home? Meow!

  3. yo, oregon! awesome. I feel like a social networking feeb/ & dinosaur for having taken so long to post and limiting my contact to cell phone and text! love Marc