Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 28: Flat is not truly flat

Thursday august 4th

Mi today: 98
golden city, MO--> chanute, KS

Today we woke up at 430 am and everything was packed up by 515a so it would be nice and cool for a large(r) portion of our ride today. Right as we were about to leave it started thunder-storming so we ended up taking a nap on the church's gym floor while we waited out the storm. It was concrete but I passed out real quick. I'm just a tired mess for the first 2 hrs of the day. But as the miles pile on for the day and I start to wake up it really feels great to be on the road. I'm glad that Jen has the patience to get me up she really is the reason why we get going. The first 33 miles from Golden City to Pittsburgh, KS was flat in general but not like what was explained to us. We heard words like "board, pancake, and tabletop" which was not exactly true. There are still hills, long slow inclines which knock down our speed of 16-19 miles an hour to 7-10 miles an hour. You win some you lose some. In Pittsburgh I got my wheel trued up at this bike store called Tailwinds Bike Shop, which hopefully is a foreshadowing for a ride in the great state of Kansas. We had about 3 hrs to kill while the bike was being worked on, so we got lunch and Starbucks. I gotta say Arby's is by far the best fast food gig. Mozz sticks are killer as well as the turkey sandwiches not to mention the wide assortment of sauces. Three pepper sauce and this horseradish mayo were great. Eating on this trip may be one of my favorite things to do. I just have no thought about how bad for you the food is because it just doesn't matter when you are biking for so long day in day out. It's just great getting to eat like some kids I know who just can't put on weight even though they eat horribly. We left Pittsburgh under an overcast sky which kept the temp lower than what we have had for the past few days. Pretty cool stuff. We rode all the way to Chunute, KS with minimal stops. Got into town around 9pm. The Chinese food we got was sub-par but we got a motel which was cheap and above average for it's lowish price. Again you win some and lose some. Off to bed now for yet another early rise. Soon the elevation will allow us to get up later due to lower daily highs. Pumped for that.
A few pix below.

Hi Kansas, how do you do?

Two bike stay up on their own. How???...called the classic bike lean. Invented in 2011.

Not the best pic but a nice sunset in eastern Kansas

End of week #4! 1470 total miles so far

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