Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 44

Miles today: 62
Hot Sulphur Spgs to Walden

This morning was the coldest temperature I have felt in many months. We awoke at 7:30 am and it was 37 degrees. To warm up we quickly got our stuff together and headed back to the Glory Hole (cafe) for some hot coffee and breakfast. I rarely drink coffee in the morning, but this trip/jen has Made me into a real coffee snob. The coffee was very good, and we both had about 3 mugs full before we left. As for the food, I ordered French toast which was incredible and Jen a breakfast sandwich. We hit the road at 9:15, full and well caffeinated. The ride to Walden took us east on US Rt. 40 for a few miles until we turned onto state highway 125 North. This road will take us all the way to the border of Wyoming. (now only 25 miles away)

Rt. 125 was a beautiful road taking us up and over the continental divide again. This time we took willow brook pass at elevation 9600+. On our way to the pass, we traveled through the Arapaho National Forest. The views were really nice. Below is a picture of the top of the pass showing us riding back into the Atlantic watershed.

Jen and I are happy about climbing up to the summit.

Many would say I need a haircut...

The first town we stopped in was Rand. We stopped and had lunch on the porch of the only store in town. Lunch was cheese sandwiches and granola bars. The store had some really good toffee candy of which both of us indulged. 22 miles later we were in Walden, CO. Walden is a classic small Colorado town, geared towards fishing, hunting, and drinking beer. The city park offered free camping on some of the nicest grass we have ever slept on! We did laundry, drank milkshakes, and cooked dinner, all before 9 pm! It's nice getting into town early(Ish).

View from the Rand store

Tomorrow we will stay in Saratoga, WYOMING. That will be our 7th state, only 2 more!

You stay classy San diego!

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