Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 52

Sunday, August 28

Miles today: who cares, they were all by car!
Jackson Hole to Yellowstone National Park, WY

We went to a bagel cafe in Jackson for bagels and coffee before we hit the road to Yellowstone. I thought the logo of the shop looked just like Bagelz at home.

The drive took us through Grand Teton National Park first, which was included in the price to get into Yellowstone- $25 for access to both parks for 7 days, which I thought was a deal. We drove almost right next to the mountains

 We stopped to take a picture at my lake- Jenny Lake!

That's my new sweatshirt, which I got on sale for $10 because it's actually a child's large. If I roll the sleeves up you can't even tell!

About an hour later we got to the main attraction

We drove around most of the park for the day. Here are some cool pictures

People flocking to Old Faithful

This was the scene around Old Faithful- pretty much a zoo! So many people

A mule deer off in a river

This is what is known as a "bear jam"- traffic jam due to a cool animal sighting

After we were satisfied with our animal sightings, we headed to Canyon Campground in the center of the park. We set up camp, collected firewood in the woods and took showers. While dinner was cooking, we started up our fire. We got it going on the first try, which was awesome and just in time because it started to sprinkle just as we lit it.

Ben cooking, as usual. Our car in the background!!
 Pile of wood awaiting the fire
The fire kept us warm and kind of dry as we ate in the rain. It was our first fire of the whole trip so we wanted to enjoy it! It was pretty awesome

Look at it go!

As the rain got heavier, we decided to put the fire out and take shelter in the dry tent. Ben set the alarm so we could get up at sunrise to try to go see some bears or wolves- both come out at dusk and dawn mostly.

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