Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 49

Thursday, August 25

Rest day in Lander

We woke up at 7:30 am to the loud roar of a lawn mower outside our tent. So much for sleeping in! We eventually got up and had bagels with cream cheese for breakfast. We toasted the bagels over the open flame of the stove and they actually came out pretty good.

The whole day was spent just lounging and catching up on things. We hung out at a coffee shop for a while.

And went to the bike shop- Ben lost his gloves and my favorite bike shorts were mysteriously missing from my locker in Hot Sulphur Springs last week so we replaced those. Then we went to the library for a long while and surfed the web, catching up on all the news and celebrity gossip. We did laundry while it poured and thunder stormed outside- we were thankful not to be riding in that. We went out to dinner at Gansett Grill which was awesome. They had local organic beef, which Ben got in a burger and couldn't stop raving about. There are actually signs along the road that promote beef eating, one even on a cattle farm with cows standing under it- "Wyoming beef tastes great". Oof.

Ben waiting for his burger

I had a delightful southwestern salad, which was also delicious. After we digested for a little while, we went back to Ken and Betty's ice cream shop and got some cones. It was a perfect end to a very restful day.

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  1. Jen, you look so content with your coffee. And Ben, nice expression of joyous expectation while you await your burger.