Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 47

Tuesday, August 23

Miles today: 67
Rawlins to Jeffrey City, WY

Another windy day. The morning wasn't too bad and we rode an easy 30 miles to Lamant where we stopped at the only store in town, Grandma's Cafe. Lamant isn't actually a town, it used to be one but now it is just a cafe. We shared a piece of peach cheese cake with fresh peaches on top- it was delicious!

When we got back on the road, the wind had picked up and 11 miles later we stopped again at a gas station ($4.11 per gallon because it's the only service station for many miles). We only had another 23 miles into Jeffrey City but it took us over 3 hours. The wind was incredibly strong and directly in our faces. It was so brutal and there was just no relief. We stopped at the National Historic Site of Split Rock, a landmark used by people traveling the Oregon Trail. They could see the rock a day away and for two days behind them so it guided their path. It was pretty cool to keep looking back to see it.

For the last 10 miles Ben and I took turns drafting off each other- we switched who was in front every mile because it was so much work to push through the wind. Being behind Ben was a good relief, but he had to duck down really far to catch a draft from me because I'm much shorter. At last, we reached Jeffrey "City" and came into the bar/cafe for dinner. Ben had a burger and I had a grilled cheese. Both were delicious and filled us up. We went across the street to the pottery store, where the owner let us set up our tent in his field. I wished I could have bought some of his pottery but there is no room for souvenirs on this trip, and pottery would probably break within a day in my bag.

We crossed the Continental Divide today for the third time- back into the Pacific Watershed

And then again, for the fourth time- right back to the Atlantic Watershed
This gets less and less exciting each time.

We are basically in the desert out here. The best word to describe it is desolate.

Yup, nothing too exciting. But we did stop for a while and watch these two road workers install a new sign. We have to find entertainment in unique ways out here. 

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