Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 26

Tuesday, August 2

Miles today: 68

Today was hotter than hot. The high was 108- a record for this area for the highest temp in 25 years! Pedaling on that pavement makes it feel even worse too. Neither Ben or I have ever experienced such extreme heat! After we stopped for lunch, we had 25 miles until the next town so we stocked up on water and Gatorade (two full water bottles each, one 32 oz Gatorade and two liters of water) and we couldn't drink it fast enough! The sweat was just pouring off of us and it was pretty miserable out for the hour or so after lunch. A construction worker gave us each a cold bottle of water, which was awesome because our water gets really hot really quickly. In fact, it was so hot that our tin of bag balm completely liquified in Ben's bag and coated everything in a nasty goo


Here is a picture of one of our many beautiful views his morning to compensate for the above nastiness:

Once we got to Marshfield around 6pm, we just could not go on for the last 15 miles as planned. It was still 105 degrees and we were just too hot and exhausted from lack of sleep last night- it never really cooled down so sleeping in the tent was no fun! We saw the Holiday Inn across the street and checked in. We jumped in the pool and then cooked dinner (pasta and beans). We are planning on leaving super early tomorrow because this is what we are headed towards in Kansas:



  1. That oozing glop in Ben's bag looks like something from a horror movie. I can't believe it was 105 degrees at 6pm! That is brutally hot. You are wise to start early to avoid the midday heat, but if it stays that hot into the evening you are in a tough spot. Be careful, it can be dangerous riding when it is that hot. I bet you are looking forward to Sunday when it cools off to a frigid 103 degrees.

  2. I feel sad for you guys because you are not me, so I'm treating you to a night in a motel. I will have the man servant fund your bank account so your next hotel stay is on me.