Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 42

Thursday, August 18

Miles today: 0

We had a very restful day today and the good news is Ben is feeling much better! He is keeping any inflammation in his ribs down with Advil, and it seems to be helping. We went for a short ride (1/4 mile) to the grocery store and he didn't experience any pain so we are keeping our fingers crossed that he is healed.

We had bagels and coffee at the motel this morning and then walked down Main St. to the Rocky Mtn Coffee Roasters and had really good strong coffee, sat for a few hours reading the paper and magazines, and just relaxing (doctor's orders!). We walked around Frisco and checked out their historical museum of the area. This was an early mining town so there were a couple exhibits on mining, and we went in the old jail. It was a log cabin with 4 jail cells and was mostly occupied by rowdy miners from time to time.

We went grocery shopping, watched TV and then went to Johnny G's bar for awesome pizza. It happened to be trivia night, so we stuck around for 2 rounds but we were losing miserably, so decided to call it a night. We plan to get on the road early tomorrow, so we have plenty of time to go slow and take breaks if we need to. I think that with one more night of quality rest, and heading into lower elevation tomorrow will be excellent for Ben- and some milk duds before bed can't hurt!

A water fountain made from old coal carts outside our coffee shop

We are literally right IN the mountains!

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